Innumerable ways to make every day better - the Sheetal Road Safety range.


Sheetal Road Studs are made of Plastic/Aluminium material.

The studs are dynamically designed so that they can bear maximum load. Highly reflective reflectors moulded in PMMA material are fitted on the studs. The reflectors are welded with an ABS base plate through ultrasonic welding process so that water and dust cannot touch reflector’s inside area to maintain its reflectivity for a long time.

Road Safety Range

Sheetal Road Reflectors

Colors Size
Yellow + Yellow 100 X 85 X 20MM
Red + Red 100 X 85 X 20MM
White + Yellow 100 X 85 X 20MM
White + Red 100 X 85 X 20MM
Aluminium Alloy Body 100 X 100 X 20MM

Here is a list of features that make these Road Safety tools the choice of a large population of people.