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Sheetal has always banked on technology and innovation to bring better products to customers. Using the latest technology has been one of the core tenets driving our manufacturing units. In the quest to design and develop a truly vast array of products, we have achieved many milestones in the technology and innovation front. Our focus on technology has resulted in many significant technological advances.

Press Fit Technology

The 'Press Fit System' is a new piping installation system, that offers economy, speed, and reliability for joining small diameter pipes for fire protection, heating/air conditioning, process piping, plant utilities and many other services.

This technology has following advantages:

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Industrial Demand
India has 18 percent of the world’s population and four percent of the globe’s water resources", President Pranab Mukherjee said at an April 8 conference in New Delhi. "About 80 percent of the water available is used for farming and less than 10 percent by factories", said Kumar from the water ministry.

Industrial water demand in India may surge by 57 percent by 2025, with the Asian countries being the most water-stressed among the Group of 20 nations, which also includes China, according to estimates by HSBC Holdings Plc. Water availability in India per person dropped by 15 percent to 1,545 cubic liters in a decade, according to a 2011 census. India’s demand for clean water by 2030 may exceed supply by 50 percent, while pollution is making what’s available unfit for human consumption and industrial or farm use, according to McKinsey & Co. forecasts and a government report.