Innumerable ways to make every day better - the Sheetal Pipes & Fittings range.

A segment with enormous potential, Sheetal currently offers a variety of plastic pipe fittings for diverse needs. Our range of PPRC pipe and fittings are lightweight, smooth, rust-free and easy to assemble. These provide perfect indispensable solutions in any kind of indoor cold and hot water piping system. Other range of cPVC pipe fittings and PE-X pipes are also made from special grade plastics suited for water based applications. Made with precision, using high quality material, these products are long lasting and offer the hallmark of Sheetal durability at a low cost.

PPR-C Pipes & Fittings

cPVC Pipes & Fittings

PE-X Pipes & Fittings

These products are also extremely well suited for usage with potable water and heated water. Their many qualities make them ideal for Indian conditions and domestic and industrial usage -